Ryan Collins has presented at numerous conferences, including the Ohio Educational Technology Conference (OETC), the CREATE Conference, Neotech, Crestview Local School District, University of Akron iPad Symposium, and  the University of Findlay.

2018Why Do I Teach – Ohio eTech Technology Conference (OETC)

201713 Ways to Make Technology Work for You, CREATE Conference

2016How to use Tech to Procrastinate, CREATE Conference

2015Three Laws of Humanity – Ohio eTech Technology Conference (OETC)

2014Teach Like a Hacker – OETC, Teach Like a Hacker – Atari Version – Neotech Conference, Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Star Wars – OETC, Digital Publishing,Google Drive Add-ons, Your Inbox Is Not An Organizational Tool, Web 2.0 Tools – Crestview PD Day, Programming On The iPad, Stop Fighting Your iPad And Be A Hacker! – University of Akron iPad Symposium

2012Beyond Paperless – OETC

2011A Kindle, iPad, And iPod Touch Walked Into the Classroom…; 21st Century Schools, Part VI, Return of the Jedi – OETC, Personal Computers Are Extinct, Bring On Mobile Technologies Ohio Higher Education Computing Conference; University of Findlay Spring Symposium Keynote Speaker